5pm-6pm open strength and conditioning ​

6-7pm (No gi) Jiu-Jitsu  (Christopher Simpson)

(734) 301-7738

7-8pm  Kickboxing  (Travis Spivey)   (734) 620-7441


5pm-6pm Beginners No Gi Jiu Jitsu  (Gary Oxender)

(734) 740-8130

6-7pm no gi Jiu-Jitsu  (Danny McIntire) (734) 904-0597

7-8pm Kids mma  (Gary Oxender) (734) 740-8130

7-8pm kickboxing, MMA striking  (Danny McIntire) 

(734) 904-0597


5-6pm open Strength and conditioning
6-7pm (Gi) Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu   (Christopher Simpson)

(734) 301-7738
7-8pm  Kickboxing  (Travis Spivey)   (734) 620-7441


5pm-6pm Beginners Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Gi) (Brendan Mccracken)    (734) 546-3513

6-7pm (Gi) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  (Danny McIntire)

(734) 904-0597

7-8pm  Kids Jiu Jitsu  (Gary Oxender) (734) 740-8130


11am-12pm Strength and conditioning

12pm-1pm Boxing  (Christopher Simpson) (734) 301-7738


11-12pm Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals (Gary Oxender) 

(734) 740-8130

12-pm Kids mma (Gary Oxender) (734) 740-8130

12-2pm Open training and sparring


open Training  TBA  

Bushido MMA                                                            8965 stony creek road Ypsilanti, MI 48197 

(734) 845-9mma  

or call Chris direct at (734) 301-7738                                                    


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Building Fighters From the Ground Up

  (734) 845-9MMA

Our Gym's Philosophy

Bushido mixed martial arts is a training facility with top notch instruction with an end goal of personal development. Bushido mma is a training facility that strives to offer diverse classes in the areas of combat sports, self defense, and personal development physically, mentally and spiritually